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This book provides an introduction to this geometry. ... Overall, the book ... does explain relevant mathematical notions, such as Gromovís metric geometry ideas, in a very understandable and entertaining way, with numerous images and exercises. ... I highly recommend it to both computer scientists interested in learning more about the latest advances in computational geometry and to geometers looking for applications. This unique book can serve as an excellent textbook for many related courses, for self-study, or as a reference.

V. Kreinovich, ACM Computing Reviews, May 2009

Numerical geometry of non-rigid shapes by A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein, and R. Kimmel combines the beauty of modern mathematics... with the interesting field of computer vision and pattern recognition. ... The book is developed at an intermediate-advanced level. Students will find the material clear and easy to understand, and will benefit from its good presentation.

Stefan Henn, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2010

This book is well-written and organized. It is full of little nice examples and figures.

A comprehensive, engaging and vivid exploration of the non-rigid world - the field of non-rigid shape analysis and its applications in pattern recognition, computer vision, and computer graphics. The book offers a fresh look on many problems and links methods from various field. Highly recommended as a reference for researchers and students.

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