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  • Farthest point sampling and Voronoi tessellation (.zip, 108 KB)
    Demonstration of farthest point sampling and Voronoi diagram construction.

  • Fast Marching (.zip, 17.1 KB)
    Demonstration of geodesic distance measurment on a parametric surface using parallel fast marching algorithm.

  • Steepest descent (.m, 1.7 KB)
    Demonstration of two-dimensional quadratic function minimization using steepest descent algorithm and the influence of the condition number on the convergence rate.

  • Iterative Closest Point (.zip, 204KB)
    Demonstration of iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm.

  • Least-squares MDS (.m, 1.34KB)
    Demonstration of LS-MDS problem solution using iterative majorization (SMACOF algorithm). This tutorial requires the Accelerated MDS code.

  • Canonical forms (.zip, 3.6MB)
    Demonstration of canonical forms computation using LS-MDS.

  • Multigrid MDS (.m, 1.86KB)
    Demonstration of acceleration of convergence of an LS-MDS problem solution using multigrid methods. This tutorial requires the Accelerated MDS code.

  • Classic MDS (.m, 1.27KB)
    Demonstration of embedding of a non-Euclidean metric using classic MDS on a toy example.

  • GMDS (.m, 2.5MB)
    Demonstration of generalized multidimensional scaling.

  • Diffusion distance (.m, 76KB)
    Demonstration of diffusion distances and heat kernels.